5 Hottest Business Card Trends for 2019

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5 Hottest Business Card Trends for 2019

If your business card game is in dire need of a major makeover, now’s the best time to redefine your company’s image – because the New Year brings by a hot new range of graphic trends, perfect for a fresh start. From elevated simplicity to bold splashes of color and from futuristic details to barely-there geometric accents, check out the hottest business card trends for 2019.

Masculine Minimalism

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There’s a lot to be said about minimalism at the moment, but one thing’s for sure: it’s taken over everything, from the fashion world to interior design and, you guessed, graphic design. If you are ready to invest in a new business card design and on the lookout for one of the hottest crazes out there, take the simplified route: the elevated simplicity route, that is. 2019 brings a new definition of minimalism, featuring clean, sharp, masculine lines, complete with matte and dark, dramatic hues that bring a sense of power and confidence.

Ombre Effects

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The ombre aesthetic has been going strong for years now, so it’s no surprise that the trend is still rocking in the graphic design world as well. Hop on the ombre look and redefine your company image with the help of a business card featuring sister shades (green-blue or pink-purple), in subtle fading effects. Art-inspired styles with emphasis on color are at their peak, and if you are in a creative industry, there’s no better time to opt for the artistic-infused ombre than now.

Futuristic Color-Blocking

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Color-blocking is definitely not new on the graphic design scene, but 2019 brings you the widest range of futuristic-inspired color-merging designs that redefine the classic. Pairing up subtle prints with ombre effects, this year’s color-blocking takes a new meaning, one on the edgier, more playful side, perfect for a wide range of professionals, especially ones in arts and communication, trades and technology.

Rainbow Pops of Color

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Rainbow effects have been everywhere in the past years – and together with them, we’ve witnessed an explosion of the unicorn-everything trend. As expected, rainbow is still one of the hottest trends of the moment, in both its variants: the pastel-tone unicorn color palette or in the bold and bright hue range. The perfect match for a rainbow-inspired business card: teachers, architects, designers or sales professionals on the lookout for a business card with the power to stand out.

Subtle Geometry

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2019 is less about obvious, clean-cut trends and more about subtlety – and that’s exactly the case with this next graphic design trend, ready to make your next business card pop. Meet the subtle geometry trend, aka the new way to incorporate layers and dimensions without sacrificing on style or cohesiveness. If you are gravitating towards this hot trend, opt for a fresh shade (be it green, purple or blue) in order to appeal to a wide target audience.

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    Sadly, apart from your title graphic, all the other examples are blank. I’ve viewed this page in Chrome and Firefox. Too bad, I kinda wanted to see your samples.

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    These business cards are not only hot, but also futuristic. I checked the business card templates at you website and love them. Keep up the great work!

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    Great examples! New to your site and loving it already!

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